Finally! We have the winners of our contest, and it has not been an easy decision since all that have participated deserve to win but unfortunately we could only choose five girls, five lucky that will soon enjoy the products Philips of our contest. We wanted to thank all the participation, we have enjoyed very much reading your comments and what Jezebel beauty It means for all of you, much feel we like your love and your faithfulness.

The five chosen comments represent the spirit of Jezebel beauty, What we are and what we want to be for you. We leave you with the five winning comments, congratulations, girls!

The first consistent award in the Lumea of Philips with which you can make yourself at home laser hair removal auroraserra, I hope to tell us your experience!:

What I value most of this blog is that it is not a beauty to use blog. I understand. I love your analysis of products that are not based only on tell if short term dan result but you analizáis until the last of its components and you puntuáis them after having them tested “in your meat”. They are criticisms of all kinds of products, from which only wealthy economies can afford to other more humble. But what I value most by far is that it not only talks about trends or new products but that you speak of beauty how is health. You give tips of food and healthy living, making understand to be beautiful / to is not only “paint a mona”, but that it is a global concept. And, very important also, you deal with a woman with dignity and not how if we had an obligation to go as peacocks. A ten for you.

The second prize, the alarm clock that will let hate mornings is to teresitaba:

I am mother, spouse, Cook, nurse, hairdresser, psychologist, Wagtail, driver, cleaner, seamstress… 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… But, first and foremost, I am woman, caring, flirtatious and presumed, that likes music. I follow Jezebel beauty from the beginning, and thanks to you, to your articles and tips, I’ve managed to not isolate myself, not to stay stuck in my MicroWorld. You have taught me that take care and be pretty is not at odds with being a MOM, that it can be perfect without feeling guilty, without thinking that you are neglecting your own. I have encouraged in low moments, accompanied in many sleepless nights… Thanks to you I have learned many things I didn’t know, tips and tricks that I can explain and teach my daughters. I am really grateful to you and I hope that our relationship will endure much, long.

The third prize, the Epilator Satin Perfect to leave your skin like silk is for negracabreada:

I don’t know how long I’ve been reading Jezebel beauty, just remember that by then the page still was sweeping, and is of the few blogs that I have remained faithful over the years with. For me it is one of the best beauty blog (if not that most) in Spanish, one of the few where the same you speak of novelties, reviews do you or discussed issues of general interest, but always focusing on the world of cosmetics and beauty. That and the fact that readers can interact with us in the comments a blog of reference makes it for me, it’s the first thing I open each morning to reach the offi. Congratulations and you continue at the foot of the canon many years more.

The fourth prize, the iron of keratin to achieve an enviable Mane is for Marta Morales López:

Jezebel beauty is my accomplice. I don’t know anyone who shares my strong passion for beauty, cosmetics, makeup etc… and here I find people who share that passion. Either users, be they those who write articles… I I always wanted a theme magazine and never found her, and looks you where is here offering me content that I have always sought and enjoyed and over free. Thank you:) and please follow much much too long: D I will continue faithfully visiting the page 🙂

And finally, the fifth prize, the dryer to have a professional effect in your home is to jimenamg:

Jezebel beauty is like having my own group of friends in the computer, which is always set to all trends, which tests all products, which meet all the signatures, which risks with a new look and is willing to explain to me how it’s done. For my is equivalent to having talks of girls that I cannot have as often as I’d like with them.

Congratulations once again to all the winners and thanks again for participating.