Chemical Peeling: What Is, Benefits and Care

Chemical peeling is a type of aesthetic treatment that is done with the application of acids on the skin to remove the layers of damaged and promote the growth of a smooth layer, which may be done to eliminate spots and lines of expression, for example.

The chemical peel can cost between R$150 and R$300,00 for the simplest cases. However, the more complex may reach up to R$1500,00 depending on the clinic and the problem to be treated. The peels can’t be purchased in supermarkets, pharmacies or stores cosmetic products since it must be applied by a trained professional, such as dermatologist or physiotherapist dermatofuncional, to avoid severe complications such as burning of the skin.

Types of chemical peeling

The chemical peel can be done on the skin of the face, hands and neck to remove spots, acne marks and scars. Thus, in agreement with the region, the technique of chemical peel can vary, and the main types:

Chemical Peeling What Is, Benefits and Care 3

  • Superficial peels:removes the outer layer of the skin, being great to lighten blemishes and remove acne marks or surface wrinkles;
  • Peeling:are used acids that remove the outer layer and the middle of the skin, being used to treat acne and deeper wrinkles;
  • Deep chemical peels:removes layers of skin until the inner level, and is recommended for cases of skin damaged by the sun and other scars, such as acne or accidents.

The results of the chemical peeling can be seen from the second treatment session, and in this period it is advised the use of a good moisturizer, with sunblock, because the skin is very sensitive, reddish and with a tendency to flake off.

Benefits of chemical peeling

The main benefits of peels include:

Chemical Peeling What Is, Benefits and Care 2

  • Reduction of acne scars and accidents;
  • Renewal of the layers of the skin, improving the appearance of the skin;
  • Reduction of age spots or sun;
  • Elimination of wrinkles and expression lines.

This type of treatment also reduces the oiliness of the skin, increases the production of collagen, and prevents the appearance of blackheads and pimples. The results of chemical peels depend on the type of peel, superficial, medium or deep, and of the characteristics of the skin, being the more satisfactory result in fair skin.

Aftercare peeling

After the chemical peel the skin becomes very sensitive and, therefore, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun, use sunscreen of 4 in 4 hours and to avoid touching the treated area. In addition, it is important to use moisturizers to maintain healthy skin and avoid the appearance of stains and other damages. See how to make a moisturizing homemade for dry skin.

Chemical Peeling What Is, Benefits and Care 1

It is important, also, wash treated skin with a mild soap, to avoid irritation of the area, in addition be indicated to spray the thermal water in the area of treatment to avoid redness and burning of the site. It is recommended to go back to the professional who performed the procedure if the irritation is very large, which can indicate the use of a cream with corticoids, for example.