Cinderella Effect are techniques used for skin that can change immediately giving a younger appearance to the face for that unexpected event. They are treatments that give an up to visual glare immediately promoting providing also moisturizing your skin.


Skin beauty Effect Cinderella

Cinderella effect can be achieved almost instantly and you can also choose a treatment that act in the following days. While some techniques cause a better skin hydration, another AIDS in reduction of sagging and a third in spots, with more efficient and results that are much more long lasting. The treatments will remove impurity without assaulting, but if you do the treatment in the morning, at night the skin is perfect.

Below we share some techniques for Cinderella effect:

The Bridal Veil is made with the erbium laser Up and serves to treat stains, besides promoting a freshness improving skin texture. The treatment causes a micropeeling that removes dead cells and stimulates skin renewal by increasing the production of collagen. The treatment is still acting on the stains days after treatment. The more sessions are made greater encouragement for the production of collagen and the results become more long lasting. How this technique works around the face your result is much better than the traditional peeling. There is no contraindication to treatment and he should be made the day before or up to 8 hour prior to the event you want to attend. After the third day Note-If a little flaking common with peels treatments, but in the first two days the skin gains luster and incredible youth.


Cinderella Effect itself is done with ndyag laser Q-Switched split Elektra, the Harmony that acts intensely on sagging skin and a glare right after the process. Must be done the day before or on the day of the event.


Hydration mask of biocelulose is a new technique and can only be found in doctors offices offers a splendid brilliance and focuses especially on skin hydration, returning youth giving a rejuvenated and velvety soon after application. The mask is made using the fermentation of bacteria for treating wounds or very dry skins.