Cosmetic Surgery to Have a Younger Face Without Wrinkles

The facelift is a cosmetic surgery to reduce wrinkles of the face and neck, as well as reduce the sagging of the skin and remove the excess fat from the face, giving a fresh, younger looking and beautiful.

This rejuvenation surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, is more common in women from the age of 45 and is usually done by a plastic surgeon in a clinic using general anesthesia, and if needed hospitalization for about 3 days.

For best results, you can do other operations such as blepharoplasty, to correct the eyelids, and rhinoplasty, to position the nose.

When it is indicated lift facial

The facelift can be done when you have:

  • Deep wrinkles, folds and marks of expression;
  • Saggy skin and drooping over the eyes, cheeks or neck;
  • Face very thin and fat accumulation in the neck with skin and fallen.

These changes in the face are more frequent from the age of 45 due to aging, being this more common from this age.

Benefits of the lifting face

The facelift is a aesthetic plastic surgery that makes the face more youthful, with the skin more stretched and beautiful, causing well-being and increasing self-esteem.

Cosmetic Surgery to Have a Younger Face Without Wrinkles 1

The price of the surgery

A facelift to improve the look of the face costs about 10 thousand reais, but varies with the clinic where it is performed.

How is the surgery

The surgery is performed in an operating room by the surgeon, it being necessary to take general anesthesia or sedation, taking drugs to sleep soundly and lessen the feeling of pain. During the surgery is necessary:

  • Hold the hair in various wicks smallto avoid contaminating the skin and facilitate the realization of the scar;
  • Make small bites on the faceto apply general anesthesia;
  • Make cuts on the faceto sew up the muscles of the face and cut the excess skin;
  • To make the scar around the ears and hair.

Typically, the surgery takes about 4 hours and is very delicate, it being necessary to be admitted to the hospital or clinic for about 3 days.

In addition, facial aging is more common in smokers, individuals who have excessive sun exposure and when if does tanning beds frequently.

How to prepare for the surgery

Before performing the facelift is necessary make a general assessment of the state of health, performed the blood test and electrocardiogram. The doctor asks about the presence of diseases, use of drugs frequent use of cigarette or allergies that may compromise the recovery.

In addition, generally, the doctor recommends to avoid:

Cosmetic Surgery to Have a Younger Face Without Wrinkles 2

  • Remedies such as AAS, Melhoral, Doril or Coristina;
  • Cigarette at least 1 month before surgery;
  • Facial creams in the 2 days prior to surgery.

It is also essential to do fasting for at least 8 to 10 hours before surgery, according to the indication of the doctor.

How is the recovery from facelift face

The recovery from the surgery to the face is slow, and cause some discomfort during the first week. During the postoperative period of the surgery is necessary:

  • Take medicine to control the pain, as Dipirona of 8 in 8 hours, being more intense in the first 2 days;
  • To sleep on the cim, supporting the head with 2 pillows in the region of the back, leaving the head of the bed well elevated for about 1 week, to prevent the swelling;
  • Keep the head and neck bandaged, staying for at least 7 days and not to draw nor to sleep or take a bath in the first 3;
  • Perform lymphatic drainageafter 3 days of surgery, on alternate days, about 10 sessions;
  • Avoid using cosmeticsin the first week after surgery;
  • To avoid mixing up the scarsso as to not cause complications.

In some cases, the doctor recommends applying cold compresses on the face to reduce swelling for about 2 minutes in the first week.

In addition, in case you have visible spots on the face these are removed about 15 days after surgery, it is essential not to carry out efforts to paint the hair or exposure to sunlight in the first 30 days.

The main complications of aesthetic surgery of the face

The facelift typically causes purple spots on the skin, swelling and small bruises, which will disappear during the first 3 weeks after surgery.

However, it can lead to other complications, such as:

  • Scar pie, thick, wide or dark;
  • The opening of the scar;
  • Hardening under the skin;
  • Decreased sensitivity of the skin;
  • Paralysis of the face;
  • Asymmetries in the face;

Cosmetic Surgery to Have a Younger Face Without Wrinkles 3

In these cases, it may be necessary to do retouching on the skin to improve the outcome of the surgery. Get details about the risks of plastic surgery.

The surgery leaves a scar?

The facial surgery always leaves scars, but vary with the type of technique that the doctor uses, and in most cases are barely visible because they are covered by the hair and contour of the ears.

The scar will change color, which is initially pink and later becomes similar to the color of the skin, taking about 1 year.

The results of the surgery are for life?

The results of the surgery are only visible about 1 month after the surgery, however, in most cases, the surgery is not for the rest of life and, therefore, the results suffer changes over the years.

Some of the factors that can affect the results are ageing, weight variation or prolonged exposure to the sun.