Cream for Cellulite Works (or Are You Being Deceived?)

Use a cream anti-cellulite is also an important ally in fighting fibro edema gelóide long as you have the right ingredients such as caffeine, lipocidina, coenzyme Q10 or centella asian, for example.

This kind of cream helps you to end up with cellulite as it provides a firmer skin, diminish the size of fat cells and improves the local circulation, and is an important adjunct to treatment. They can be purchased in pharmacies, drugstores, natural food stores and are also available on the internet. Here are a few good options and because each ingredient helps in the elimination of the fibro edema gelóide.

How to use

Cream for Cellulite Works (or Are You Being Deceived) 1

It is usually advised to apply the cream anti-cellulite in the entire region affected, for example the belly, flanks, buttocks, thighs and arms, 2 times a day, especially after bathing. To enable better circulation, and consequently improve the penetration of the cream, it is recommended to do an exfoliation on the skin, in the regions with cellulite, and soon after apply the cream.

The cream should be applied always in an upward direction, and therefore must be applied first near the knees and do the motion of sliding up to the groin, insisting in the inner region and the lateral side of the thigh to facilitate venous return. See in these images how it should be done in the application of the cream, respecting the direction of the lymphatic drainage.

How to end cellulite

In addition to the use of the cream anti-cellulite suitable, it is recommended to follow a balanced diet, perform exercises, especially for legs and glutes, and hold sessions of lymphatic drainage to win this fight. This is all important because the cellulite is caused by many different factors and adopt only one strategy of treatment is not sufficient.

Cream for Cellulite Works (or Are You Being Deceived) 2

The power supply must be diuretic and is essential to reduce the food rich in fat, sugar and drink plenty of water. It is also recommended to practice exercises every day, for about 1 hour to burn fat, but in addition cardio exercises such as running, walking or cycling, and also exercises anaerobic, such as weight training. Check out here some examples of exercises against cellulite that you can do at home.

Other techniques that also assist in the elimination of cellulite and sagging skin are the aesthetic treatments such as ultrasound, lipocavitação or radio frequency, for example. The lymphatic drainage soon to follow, further improves the results.

Certain days of the month the cellulite may become more noticeable, mainly in that you tend to have fluid retention for a few days before or during menstruation, so this treatment should be followed for at least 10 weeks to be able to compare the results of before and after.

Cream for Cellulite Works (or Are You Being Deceived) 3