Current Russian: It Really Makes You Thin (or You’re Being Deceived?)

The current Russian is a device of electrical stimulation that promotes a contraction of the muscles, promoting increased strength and increase muscle volume.

This equipment is most used in physical therapy, in the rehabilitation of people who cannot contract the muscles in an effective way, as happens with people who have had a STROKE, or in cases of paraplegia, for example, but can also be used to improve the performance of athletes, and for aesthetic purposes to strengthen the abdominals, buttocks and legs, provided that it is used correctly.

The current Russian serves to lose weight?

The current Russian is being used in esthetics to improve the appearance of the belly, legs, and buttocks, however, it is not as effective as the practice of physical exercise, because the contractions made by the equipment are not exactly the same as those that the body can do. So, this equipment should never replace the practice of physical exercise.

The truth is that the current Russian manages to recruit more muscle fibers during your use, provided that the person performs a muscle contraction at the same time that the electrical stimulus. In this way, it would be more sensible to use the current Russian in a gym or a rehabilitation centre, for example.

How to use the current Russian chapar belly

Current Russian It Really Makes You Thin (or You’re Being Deceived) 1

It is believed that 10 minutes of current Russian in the belly corresponds to more than 400 abdominal traditional, but that the current Russian is really effective it is important to contract the abdomen at the same time, because as soon as all the fibres of the rectus sheath may be worked. The same is not true if the person using the equipment in a center of aesthetics, completely passive.

So, a great way to strengthen the abdominal muscles, taking better advantage of the current Russian is to position the electrodes in the rectus abdominis and do 2 minutes of exercise the plank abdominal, for example, with at least 3 repetitions of this exercise.

A series such as this is able to really strengthen the abdomen, having the effect satisfactory, but only if the person to perform the contraction at the same time. The use of the current Russian way fully passive, that is, without voluntary muscle contraction at the same time, it is not effective and does not bring any significant effect to the body.

How does the current Russian

The unit of current Russian is made up of several small almofadinhas which are the electrodes that must be positioned strategically in the middle of the muscle of the region that is being treated, but always respecting the principles, such as not placing at the same time in the muscles agonists or antagonists, and therefore, shall be positioned by a physical therapist or physical trainer.

The unit will promote a stimulus similar to the one that the brain sends to the muscles, which in turn leads to involuntary contraction of the muscle, but so that you can best take advantage of this equipment where that electrical stimulation to happen, the individual must contract the muscle at the same time.

Current Russian It Really Makes You Thin (or You’re Being Deceived) 2

What are the results of the current Russian

As the results of the current Russian, you can expect an increase of the muscle volume, decreased sagging skin, improves blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, and greater ease when performing movements and increased dexterity when performing fine movements. However, these results are more seen when the person presents initially muscle weakness caused by a stroke, or follows a program of physical exercises that should be performed at the same time the use of the equipment.

The best results are observed when the current Russian:

  • It is used to combat the muscle atrophy in person jumble or in recovery;
  • It is used to improve the performance of the athletes;
  • It is used for aesthetic purposes, as a complement to physical activity and proper nutrition.

When it comes to a healthy person, that only is sedentary and does not practice any kind of physical activity when the voluntary contraction does not happen, one can notice a small increase in strength and muscle tone, and there is very little increase in muscle volume, and therefore the current Russian can never replace the practice of exercises such as bodybuilding.

How many sessions of current Russian do?

The ideal number of sessions current-Russian to do depends very much on the situation muscle of each individual. Individuals too saggy or in the case of muscle atrophy in need of a greater number of sessions that can be conducted daily, with the duration of approximately 10 to 15 minutes per area treated.

For the purposes of aesthetic and athletic-the number of sessions varies according to need that the person has, being the ideal exercises, at least 5 times per week, using the current Russian on the specific muscles that need a muscle contraction stronger.

Current Russian It Really Makes You Thin (or You’re Being Deceived) 3

During the treatment you should feel a kind of tingling initially and then to increase the intensity of the equipment, you should observe the muscle contraction, being indicated to remain within the limit of the comfortable so that the contractions do not cause pain. When the muscles contract at the same time that the current Russian is connected, it is possible to recruit more muscle fibers, which increases the efficiency of treatment and the threshold of pain.

When not to use

Despite being an excellent treatment to strengthen the muscles, the electrical stimuli should not be used in the following situations:

  • In individuals who have a pacemaker or heart disease to not change the heart beats;
  • In people who suffer with epilepsy because it can trigger an epileptic seizure;
  • In the case of mental illness because the person may withdraw the electrodes of the place;
  • In the case of arterial hypertension difficult to control because the pressure can be greatly changed;
  • During pregnancy should not be positioned over the abdomen;
  • Should not be applied to the legs with large varicose veins;
  • Should not be used during an episode of Phlebitis or deep vein Thrombosis;
  • In the case of injury to muscle, ligament, tendon, or in the case of a fracture of the area to be treated.