Dermaroller for Stretch Marks: How to Use and Common Questions

An excellent treatment to eliminate stretch marks red or white is the microagulhamento, which is popularly known as the dermaroller.

This treatment consists in sliding the dermaroller exactly on top of stretch marks so that your needles to penetrate the skin, to open the way for creams or acids that are applied to the following, have an absorption much higher, with about 400%.

The dermaroller is a small device that contains micro needles that glide on the skin. There are different sizes of needles, being the most indicated to remove stretch marks are the needles with at least 2 mm of depth. As the needles with more than 2 mm, which can only be used by professionals such as the physiotherapist specialist or dermatologist.

How to use the roller for stretch marks

To start the treatment of microneedling for stretch marks you need to:

  • Disinfect the skin to decrease the risk of infections;
  • To numb the location by applying an ointment anesthetic;
  • Slide the roller exactly on top of stretch marks, in one-way vertical, horizontal, and diagonal so that the needles penetrate into a large area of stria;

Dermaroller for Stretch Marks How to Use and Common Questions 1

  • If necessary, the therapist will removing the blood that will rise up;
  • Can you cool the skin with cold products to decrease the swelling, redness and discomfort;
  • The following is usually applied a lotion and scar cream for stretch marks or the acid that the professional feel is appropriate;
  • If it is applied acid in high concentration, this should be removed after a few seconds or minutes, but when they are applied to acids in the form of serum, there is no need to remove;
  • To finalize the skin is properly cleaned, but it is still necessary to moisturize the skin and to use sunscreen.

Each session can be done every 4 or 5 weeks and the results can be noticed from the 1st session.

The treatment with dermaroller works?

The microagulhamento is an excellent treatment to take away stretch marks, even the white, even if they are very large, tall or wide are in large quantity. The treatment with the needles improves 90% of the stretch marks, being very effective in reducing the length and width with a few sessions.

Dermaroller for Stretch Marks How to Use and Common Questions 2

The treatment with the dermaroller hurt?

Yes, this is why it is necessary to numb the skin before starting the treatment. After the session, the site may remain painful, red and a little swollen, but to cool the skin with cold spray, these effects can be easily controlled.

The treatment with the dermaroller can be done at home?

Not. For the treatment with dermaroller reach the layers certain of the skin to eliminate stretch marks, the needle must have a length of at least 2 mm. As the needles are indicated for the treatment home has up to 0.5 mm these are not indicated for stretch marks, and the treatment should be done in a clinic by qualified professionals, such as dermatologist or the therapist.

Those who can’t do

The dermaroller should not be used in people who have keloids, which are scars, bulky in the body, if you have any sore on the location to be treated, if you are currently taking drugs that fine-tune the blood because it increases the risk of bleeding, and also in people in treatment with chemo or radiation.

How the dermaroller works

Dermaroller for Stretch Marks How to Use and Common Questions 3

This microagulhamento does not create a deep wound in the skin, but the body cells are tricked into believing that the injury occurred, and as a result there is a better blood irrigation, there is the formation of new cells with growth factor, and the collagen that gives support to the skin is produced in large quantities and keeps for up to 7 years after treatment.

In this way, the skin becomes more beautiful and stretched, the stretch marks become smaller and thinner, and with the continuity of the treatment can be completely eliminated. However, in some cases it may be necessary to use other aesthetic treatments to complement the microagulhamento, such as radio frequency and laser, or intense pulsed light, for example.