The BB Creams they are one of the cosmetic trends that most us has revolutionized lately. Interest in creams that promise to save us by many steps has been triggered, while until recently we could not buy BB creams in our stores.

The marks “ Western ”, by calling them somehow, responded quickly to our interest by the Korean brands such as Skin79, Missha, Baviphat, Lioele and increasingly see more BB creams from our brands, like L ’ L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Dior, Garnier, Kiko, Nars, Too Faced, etc.

If you have had the opportunity of try both types of BB creams, We want to ask you:

Do you think that the BB creams Western deserve the name BB creams?

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The question of the week

What do you think of tanning beds?

Last week I asked your opinions about the sunbed, a theme that is complicated and controversial. On the side that considers them detrimental no matter what we find to our reader Czarniana:

No, no joke. It seems a tremendous aggression for the skin, even if you dosifiques it, you carbohydrates and you care, because normally it gives you the Sun then, even if you just go down the street. I prefer healthy and white skin to black raisins.

But know that not everything is white and black, right? This means that we have another vision, of our reader Lunablogs, use the sunbeds to avoid problems from exposure to the Sun in very white skin:

I usually go at the beginning of the summer. Progressively, with minimum time and level and only for a month. Before I burned and I peeled no longer on the beach, but walking down the street. Since I prepare my skin to the Sun little bit in the tanning bed or I burn, or hair me. My intention is not to get black or be morena Beach, just take a little bit of natural color and get used to the skin to the Sun, with control. I hate furs as moray eels that look like a leather sofa!

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