Progressive brush became very popular among women, being very popular in salons and hairdressers. The progressive is nothing more than a technique used to smooth the hair, is also used to control the volume of yarns, on the basis of formaldehyde, which is the guarantee that your hair will be smooth. But like all sorts of chemistry, it is necessary to have a relationship of care that do not damage the wires. With it we know what are the precautions that should be taken before and after the progressive, because it is important that your hair, be prepared to receive the chemistry, when to make it last. Let’s see then.

Progressive Brush care before and After


It is necessary to find a reliable professional and make sure that the products that will be used are manufactured in the laboratory and are accepted by ANVISA. Do a test, to see the chemical sensitivity and the possible reactions to the product. For the people who paint their hair, it is necessary to wait at least five days before making the brush. Before you start the process you need to do a deep cleaning, using shampoo anti-resíduos. It is important that after wash do not use any other product such as creams and conditioners.


Wash your hair after two the product to penetrate well. Wash your hair with shampoo neutral ph and salt-free and without dye it is important not to open cuticles and for long duration of the brush. Avoid using anti-resíduos shampoo as this can cause the progressive last less. Use antipyretic products before the dryer and flat iron is sweat importance to protect the wires. Use specific products for chemically treated hair help in maintenance and health of highlights. Make a searing a week after the chemical process of progressive brush.