Nothing like a product effective and inexpensive to be glad these before dates, as you have just discovered. Recently in all Mercadona supermarkets went on sale a range for oily skins, containing a purifying gel, a mask, a treatment for blemishes and descaling scrub. The chance was that I had to buy it because ended me he had at home, and the surprise was mine when I used it for the first time.

It has a very cool smell and is of microgranular texture, like almost all products of this type, forming a foamy cream of pale blue. The tube contains 75 ml and costs only 3.25 euros. Should not be confused with the facial scrub of the normal range, orange color, which does not have the descaling effect of this and also has other odor.

Applied it on one area in which had quite rebellious Granites to other treatments and the next day when I woke up I improved in the area had been huge, with most of the missing imperfections and which were much diminished. In addition these Granites were hormone-type, which are the most persistent. Therefore, try to overcome this exfoliant, which, moreover, leaves a very soft skin and clean feeling without being too hard with the dermis.