Nails greek eye doing very successfully on instagram mainly between the famous and model alexa chung, famous for fun and creative decorations you usually use on your nails. One way to change your style and customize your fingertips.


New decoration for nails the greek

Greek eye is full of symbolism and mystery and many believe he absorbs negative energies, as well as protect against envy. The eye also symbolises the look and god that illuminates and protects as well as transmit peace.

For the more discreet eye greek can be done in a nail just called daughter only giving a charm to your nails. Another good tip is to use the lightest glaze can be white or nude and do the greek half moon eye. For the most daring suggestion is abuse of colors, typically greek eye is made with shades of blue, but this is not rule then can choose other colors.


Another way of innovating decoration nail with greek eye is to use the design in new formats making happier productions, a suggestion is to add lashes, eyes us as used the nails of alexa chung looks to more sober, the french with black and white enamel and small eyes greeks designed

Below share explanatory video to make nails greek eye.