Your daily makeup bag and a little imagination can save you money when you want to makeup for Carnival or Halloween. As we are close to the date of Halloween, I have chosen a terrifying black color for the lips. Black Gloss? No, Styler’s lips.

If you are going to use more often the gloss black, It will be a purchase that you will use. Otherwise, for those lips you only need your profiler’s eyes and a clear lip gloss.

The possibilities of color are so broad as profilers colors find. I’m talking about pencils of makeup, you don’t want to use other items that are not safe. Your inventions out of makeup products can cost you poisoning or an allergic reaction. Do you like the blue color on the lips?

When you apply a gloss, color Profiler takes the same creamy texture: if want to do some disfigured lips, with a tissue you must only give the shape you want. Party makeup is very fun, so much fun to prepare as attending the party.