How to Do a Facial Massage Japanese

There is a facial massage and rejuvenating, which was created by a beautician japanese, call Yukuko Tanaka that promises to reduce the signs of age, such as wrinkles, sagging, double chin and skin dull, without the need to use creams anti-aging.

This massage of about 3 minutes duration, must be made every day, before going to sleep, with a cream adapted to skin type or a sweet almond oil, for example, to be able to perform better movements. In two weeks, it is already possible to observe visible results, the skin less saggy and more beautiful and luminous.

Massage, if performed correctly, stimulates lymph nodes and helps to remove excess toxins from the face. In addition, it promotes lymphatic drainage, while also helping to reduce the swelling, improving the appearance of dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. See other ways to end up with the bags under the eyes.

How to Do a Facial Massage Japanese 1

How to do the massage step-by-step

The person can do the massage yourself, using a cream or oil, by performing the following steps:

  1. With your fingers, exert a slight pressure since the root of the hair, by the ears, down the neck to the collarbone, so as to promote lymphatic drainage, as if you were drawing a line. You can make both, of the two sides, with the two hands and repeat 3 times;
  2. Press lightly with 3 fingers of both hands from the center of the forehead, gliding to the temples and then down to the collarbone, always with a slight pressure. Repeat 3 times;
  3. To massage the eyes, you should start from the outer corner of the eye, massaging the lower part next to the region of bone from the eyes up to the inside and climb around underneath of the eyebrows, also in the region of bone, to give a full back and get to the inner corners of the eye, and then glide up to the temples, pressing slightly and down again up to the clavicles. Repeat all steps three times;
  4. Then you should massage the region of the mouth. To do this, begin the movement by the chin by placing the fingers in the center of the chin and glide up to the corners of the mouth and then continue in direction to the region below the nose, where it should make a little more pressure, repeating 3 times. Then, massage the wings of the nose on both sides exercising movements up and down repeatedly;
  5. Pressing in the region of the temples and slide down the neck to the clavicle and then press slightly with the fingers on the corners of the chin, driving them to the top, passing by the corners of the mouth and then along the two sides of the nose, continuing up the inside of the limit of the eyes. In this region, it must be pressed approximately 3 seconds, with the fingers in the region immediately below the eyes, which will help reduce the extra fat stored. After this, you should slide the hands back up along her ears and then down to the neck, repeating 3 timesHow to Do a Facial Massage Japanese 2
  6. Make small finger pressure from the region of the middle of the lower jaw and slide with light pressure to the inside corner of the eyes and then slide in the direction of the temples, and down again up to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times on each side of the face;
  7. Press on both sides of the base of the nose about 3 seconds and then slide by pressing again, up to the temples and then down to the clavicles. Repeat 3 times;
  8. Press with the soft part of the thumb, which is the region that lies between the thumb and the wrist, on the cheeks, immediately below the bone, sliding up to the region of the ears and then down to the clavicles. Repeat 3 times;
  9. With the same region of the hands used in the previous step, press from the center of the chin, sliding up to the temples, passing in the same below the bone of the cheeks and down again to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times;
  10. Slide the palm of the hand since the region below the chin up to the ear, going through always the line of the facial contour, repeat 2 to 5 times, and do the same on the other side;
  11. Make a triangle with your hands and support this triangle on the face, the thumbs touching the chin and the indicators to position themselves between the eyes and go sliding to the outside up to the ears and then down to the clavicles. Repeat 3 times;
  12. With one hand, slide the fingers on the forehead, down and up, repeatedly from one side to the other, and after that, go down to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times.

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