How to Do the Eyebrow Wire to Wire

The eyebrow wire to wire, also known as micropigmentation of the eyebrow, is a cosmetic procedure in which is applied a pigment in the epidermis, in the region of the eyebrow, to highlight it, and to leave more defined and with a most beautiful way. For this reason, the person may feel pain during the technique, but it is usually applied a local anesthetic before the procedure to reduce discomfort.

This procedure should be performed in a beauty clinic by a trained professional with specific material and it is also very important to follow the proper care after the technique, in order to obtain the best results.

The price of micropigmentation of the eyebrows can vary between 500 and 2000 actual, depending on the clinic where it is performed.

How to Do the Eyebrow Wire to Wire 1

Step-by-step procedure

Usually, the procedure of micropigmentation of the eyebrow is performed by the following steps:

  1. Drawing of the eyebrows with a suitable pencil for the skin;
  2. Application of a topical anesthetic, leaving you endure for a few minutes;
  3. Cleaning and disinfection of the region;
  4. Preparation of pugmento that should be the shade of the eyebrow the original and approximate to the root of the cabel;
  5. The drawing of the wires from the eyebrow with a dermógrafo or a tebori;
  6. If you use a dermógrafo, the pigment is applied at the same time. If it is used a tebori, the next step consists in the application of the pigment;
  7. Cleaning of the region.

To perform this procedure, it is very important to use sterile equipment and/or disposable, and follow the care recommended by the professional who performed the technique. In addition, the ink must be of high quality and approved by Anvisa, since, if it is of poor quality, it can change the tone and cause allergies and infections.

How to Do the Eyebrow Wire to Wire 2

Care after the procedure

In the days following the procedure, you will see a cone, which should not be removed so as not to compromise the pigmentation and healing.

In addition, you should have some concerns, mainly in the first 30 days after the procedure and avoid sun exposure, avoid rubbing the region after the bath, avoid frequenting swimming pools, saunas and beaches and apply an oil moisturizing and nourishing every day about 3 times a day.

About a month after the procedure, the person must return to the clinic for the professional to check if everything is well and that you can carry out touch-ups needed.

Risks of micropigmentation

Although rare, in some cases, the micropigmentation can lead to the formation of spots on the skin or impede the growth of in the region.

How long it lasts

As the pigment is applied on the epidermis and not the dermis, micropigmentation is not final, as it happens with tattoos, lasting only about 1 to 2 years. The duration of staining depends on the type of device that is used, being more lasting if it is used a dermógrafo instead of a tebori.

How to Do the Eyebrow Wire to Wire 3

Who should not do

The eyebrow thread the wire should not be performed on people allergic, who have an infection near the region of application or have trouble healing.

In addition, also should not be performed in pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, diabetics, hypertensive patients that are unstable, people who take anticoagulants, who underwent a surgery recently, with cancer or suffering from eye problems.