Bruna Majmudar is one of the celebrities who are more bullish, stamping magazine covers and news. That’s because the young actress is currently on the air with the role of Luiza, one of the protagonists of the novel In Family, by Manoel Carlos. Additionally, Bruna also became known internationally because of the relationship he had with the player Neymar, currently working for the team of Barcelona (Spanish club).

With only eighteen years old, the actress is much admired for your beauty by both the male and the female audience. Many women seek to emulate your style, your diet and even your hair. And know that you can get a hair similar to that of an actress with simple measures. Check out tips that separated for you stay silky smooth and equal da Bruna Majmudar.

Tips on how to have the Hair of Bruna


The hair of celebrities are always very requested in salons, and the long strands, voluminous and with Bruna movement has been one of the most popular. Many people even call the Projac to ask step by step to leave the hair as the actress. To do this, simply follow the tips:

Time to wash your hair, look for a shampoo that is transparent, since the products more milky and opaque appearance, usually leave the hair without volume. If your hair is too bulky, the use of this type of shampoo is allowed. The actress is long and trim. Don’t let straight hair, opt for a peaked from the Chin. Thus, the wires get correct drape, with more movement and similar to the artist. Before washing, it is also recommended to use a moisturizer pre-shampoo. This helps in cleansing and hydration of wires. Apply the hair still dirty and let stand for 10 minutes and rinse normally then. To untangle, remove nodes and without breaking the threads, choose to do this in the shower and using a wide bristle brush. The long wires break easily, so when they’re dry, try untangle with your fingers.