How to Hide Freckles With Makeup – Tips and Step-by-Step

Freckles can be a charm for some, but can be a problem for others. The marks are quite common in fair-skinned people and redheads, or even may have arisen from exposure to the Sun there are two types of freckles, but red machinhas amarronzadas or clear, that can appear in the summer, but disappear in the winter, and those that are darker points, which don’t go away in the winter and tend to appear more in the summer. For people who suffer with the sardines, the solution is closer than you think, hide the dots with makeup is pretty simple, and causes a natural effect. Let’s look at some tips.

Tips how to hide Freckles With Makeup

Choosing the base will affect enough time to do the makeup, opt for products with good coverage or stick, which will ease enough in the application.  

The best correctives to the freckles are blue and purple because they cover more need stains.

Is indicated, prior to application of the base, use a facial primer, spreading or the product, then pass the base with brush, on the forehead, Chin and the sides of the face. Then in the nose and in the cheekbones lightly.

Use concealer directly on the stain has no problem, but should be finalized with facial powder.

A good tip is to call attention to other parts of the face, such as the mouth and eyes. Use or a good, or a make in the eyes.



Learn step by step makeup that disguise freckles in a very natural.

Pass a high base camouflage or creamy high coverage giving Pat lightly. Shortly after pass creamy blush. Pass a compact powder on top of the base. Just below the eyebrow with a Pearl eye shadow to light. Mark well the concave with a shadow with orange tone. At the outer corner of the eyes, a pink shade, as well as under the lower lashes. Pass the low liner to the top lashes. Then black mascara on the eyelashes. With the help of a brush, illuminate the cheekbones. Pass a nude lipstick on my lips.