How To Put Makeup On The Face For The World Cup 2014-Ideas, Tips, Photos And How To Make

The Fifa World Cup, which is a League where teams from around the world compete in soccer matches, will hold your 20th Edition, being the second time that the host country is Brazil, and the fifth time the League is based in South America. The competition will start on 12 June 2014, with the following month, day 13 July 2014. The Brazil being known as the country of soccer, being chosen as host country and having a team with great players like striker Neymar, creates many expectations of selection win the Championship, and we as hex good Brazilians I don’t see why we can’t make a crowd worthy of an event as such. The chicks don’t stay out of it, and to make the most beautiful brazilian fans, let’s see how to do facial makeup for the Cup, and destroy not only on the field, but also in beauty and creativity.

Ideas Like face Makeup For the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Beyond the makeup with the colors of Brazil’s flag, can be made some drawings with the colors, use pedrarias.

Draw the face is a common option if you use a lot, but really easy to do.

Designs that make allusion to football, baseball, or even their own Cup mascot, the Armadillo ball Fuleco.

Just let creativity loose and thinking about football, Brazil and



Tips Use the colors of Brazil in makeup and in paintings. For the desenformados on duty colors are green, blue, yellow, and white. Use paints that won’t harm your skin, to prefer their own for easy painting. Try using long-lasting products, makeup remain intact until the end of the games.




How Do

See how to make a beautiful face painting that can add even more charm to make

Use green ink, yellow, blue, white and black and

Glítter. Make two balls on the side of the face with the brush. Make details with the Green, yellow and blue paints that allude to our flag. Outline the balls with black ink. Then black dots as in a football. If you would like to be able to make stars and polka dots to give a grace to the design. Then just play the glitter and ready! Just twist and rock.

See step by step how to make a makeup for the 2014 Cup.