Either because you do not like you have been, you tired of it or because you no longer want to see the name of your exnovi @ tattooed, sometimes you regret take that tattoo for life. In sweeping we will give you the best tips so you can successfully remove that tattoo the least damaging your skin.

The first thing that must be taken into account is that the success of a good or bad elimination depends on color in the tattoo. If the tattoo has red and green tones will be more difficult to remove and there is more chance that left, while the simplest eliminate are in shades of black and blue tattoos.

The most effective treatment for these cases is the Q-switch laser. Tattoo colors absorb the laser energy and are gradually phased without damaging the skin. It will be necessary at least six or seven sessions, separated one week together. The area is reddened and possible formation of a crust that will fall with the passage of days.

The dermabrasion It is another way to remove the tattoo. Significantly cheaper laser, consists of freezing the area of tattooed and subsequently “ sand ” the skin, removing the first layer of the skin, leaving it smooth and with a wound similar to a burn that disappears with the passage of time. The possibilities that is scar are higher than with laser.

There are creams They affirm manage to eliminate the tattoo of 6 to 9 months. Sincerely, I do not quite convince, treatment more cheaply, but also it is the less chances of success.

Other techniques used previously but just used are already the saline abrasion (like dermabrasion but using a special salt), and the surgery by grafting or stretching of the skin.

If not you just convince any of these treatments and the tattoo that you want to delete is not excessively large, can choose to conceal it with another tattoo, of the same color and based on the original tattoo. It is what is called cover up and sometimes it is the best choice for colors red, green and blue tattoos.

Anyway, as you can see, removing a tattoo is not simple nor economic, apart from the possible scars, by what you must think of yourself very well if really you want to get one.