How to Smooth the Hair

Some ways of straightening the hair is by using a good hydration in the hair, then holding a brush in the salon and flat iron. However, a more long-lasting hair straightening is through the use of chemicals that should only be applied by a hairdresser.

The smoothed down chemicals drastically change the wires being a sustainable manner, however, after its use it is important to ensure the integrity of the wires making hidratações weekly, in addition to the daily care how to always use conditioner and cream comb or serum on the wires.

How to straighten hair naturally

To smooth the hair naturally, a great solution is to moisturize your hair with a cream keratin after washing normally, because the cream, in addition to straightening the hair, gives shine and reduces the frizz of the hair. You should let sit in the cream for 20 minutes, then rinse hair well and comb the following, leaving the hair dry naturally.

How to Smooth the Hair 1

Hydration is an excellent way of straightening hair without chemical. See great options for every hair type: Moisturizing for the hair.

How to straighten hair at home

To smooth the hair at home, one option is to make a brush and then pass the ‘flat iron’. For this reason, you should thoroughly wash the hair first with shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type and then rinse hair well, removing completely the product of the hair.

After washing, you should apply a leave-in, which is a cream to comb, without rinsing, to protect the wires and dry out the hair, strand by strand with the dryer, by stretching the wires. At the end of the brush, you should play a jet of cold air on the hair to have a better result. To finalize you must pass the flat iron.

How to smooth the hair with flat iron

To smooth the hair with flat iron, it is necessary to have certain care because the iron could leave the hair straight quickly, but, due to the high temperature, it can damage them. Thus, you should pick up a little hair at a time and pass the flat iron, but never spend more than 5 times in the same mecha to not burn the hair strands. Another care that must be taken is to dry very well the hair before passing the flat iron.

After passing the flat iron, a good tip is to apply a night’s tips on the length and ends of hair. The iron should only be used 2 times per week, and after the use you should apply products to protect and help moisturize the hair strands.

How to Smooth the Hair 2

How to smooth the hair with chemicals

To straighten the curly hair, the most efficient way is to use the chemical products used in hairdressing salon. There are several options, among them are:

  • 1. Escova progressiva amino acid or chocolate: The brush does not contain formaldehyde, but it has a replacement called glutaraldehyde, which promises to smooth the hair and keep them smooth for longer.
  • 2. Brush moroccan: Contains keratin, colagênio and only 0.2% of formalin, which is the amount allowed by Anvisa.
  • 3. Lifting hair: you do Not have formalin, lasts on average 40 washes and after that needs to be retouched. For retouching you can use the product throughout the hair and is ideal for those who have a lot of volume and dried hair. The lifting hair can be used on all hair types, even for those who already have chemically treated hair, with old straighten your hair, and dyes. One of the most highly regarded in the market is the UOM Nano Repair, Tânagra. Can be purchased on the internet or in shops of products for professional cosmetics.

The ideal is to use products without formaldehyde, because this chemical substance has been banned by increase the risk of cancer. Find more details at: Formaldehyde is bad for health.

How to Smooth the Hair 3