Who’s tired of the straightening and want your curls back will have to go through a process called capillary transition. Is something time-consuming and it requires a lot of patience. The only way to have the natural hair back and waiting for him to grow up and cutting the part with chemistry. The rest is just talk.

Learn everything you need about capillary transition and how to pass by her.

How to take care of the root

The big problem is passing through the capillary transaction is when the root is growing. You can’t deny that it is, at least, strange. Many people give up precisely at that point because you will get a hair bulkier near the root. That leaves the hair with a dry and unkempt appearance which can be achieved, mainly, the self-esteem of women.

How to deal with it

There are a few ways that we can opt in to take care of hair root during this transition process so that this situation does not shake us both psychologically. However, it is possible to lower the root and disguise your hair without using chemicals.

Use and abuse of accessories


Scarves, headbands, turbans, arcos…as options are almost endless. They can disguise the high root without need of curling irons, do not cause the dreaded frizz and not cause dryness as the hairdryer. You can still get mega cool and combining with the visual.

Capillary should be frequent wetting


Capillary wetting is nothing more than the application of 100% natural oils in the hair like olive oil, castor oil (or Castor), coconut oil and others. When hair is not well nourished, increases in volume and still tends to have more frizz. The ideal is to apply the oil and let it act from one day to the next.

Hydration with cornstarch


Despite being a homemade recipe of Grandma’s time, corn starch can be the best friend to those who want to reduce the volume of the hair. In addition, it also hydrates and leaves hair extremely soft. You can put this in your hydration schedule.

Hair gels


Of course you don’t apply it before you leave since that wet look on is pretty cool. The choice should rest on the gel without alcohol and should be applied just before sleep. The next day, the root is low and dry so that you can go anywhere without worrying about the high root. This should not be done frequently since this product dries out the hair.

Invest in hairstyles


They can be your greatest ally when you’re asked out on short notice. Built-in Braids, buns and ponytails can get out of your traditional look with various innovations and ideas over the internet. Just follow the tutorials and ready! Beautiful hair even in transition.

Flat iron and hair dryer


This should be your last choice since these products will damage the hair. But, if you don’t have another way so always have at hand a thermal protector. If you’re going to brush, apply cream in her hair still wet, so the brush will slide more easily avoiding breakage of wires.

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Blonde Hair, Mova Hair Salons, Staines & Virginia Water

Blonde Hair, Mova Hair Salons, Staines & Virginia Water

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