How to Treat Acne in Pregnancy

To treat acne in pregnancy, it is important to use the products of external use, because the remedies usually indicated for the treatment of severe acne are contraindicados in pregnancy as they may harm the baby.

During pregnancy changes occur in hormone levels, which favors the appearance of pimples and other skin changes. In the first trimester it is common for the skin to get worse due to abrupt alterations in hormonal, that increases the oiliness of the skin and favour the production of sebum and the formation of acne, and therefore, the precautions listed below should be followed daily, and during the whole pregnancy.

4 Tips to combat pimples in pregnancy

To combat acne in pregnancy is recommended:

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  1. Avoid using makeup since it can clog the pores of the skin and increase oiliness;
  2. Wash the skin with soap or mild 2 times per day, thus preventing formation of blackheads and pimples;
  3. Apply a tonic lotion every time after washing and drying the face;
  4. Apply a moisturizer oil-free and non-comedogenic in small amount to the face, preferably that already contains sun protection factor.

The treatment with Roacutan, creams with acids, peeling with acids, laser and radio frequency are also contraindicados in pregnancy and therefore pregnant women may consult a dermatologist to know what you can do to combat pimples in pregnancy.

Additionally it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, as the ultraviolet radiation speeds up the process of formation of pimples, use sunscreen daily and avoid consumption of foods that can inflame the skin, like milk, carbohydrates and fried foods.

How to Treat Acne in Pregnancy 2

Local solutions for acne in pregnancy

In addition to the adoption of some practical measures of day-to-day, some local solutions can also be adopted to treat acne in pregnancy, such as:

  • Take every day 1 glass of carrot juice, which is rich in vitamin A, and reduces the emergence of pimples;
  • Washing your face daily with cold tea of burdock. See what is the Burdock and how to use;
  • Apply a homemade mask of rice with honey, since it decreases the inflammation of the skin and maintain good hydration.

These home treatments achieve good results in the acne light, and can be used freely during pregnancy, because it does not harm the baby. See other home remedies for pimples.

There are also some natural recipes that can be followed to improve the health of the skin and combat the pimples, how to take every day 1 glass of natural juice of raspberries, because this fruit contains zinc which is a mineral that helps in desinflamação of the skin, or take orange juice with carrot, for having detox properties. Learn what are other foods that slow down the pimples.

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