A new product for the more fetish, or for which money is not a problem when it comes to taking care of your skin. We speak of La Mer and its new moisturizing treatment”Hydrating Infusion”.

With seaweed and mineral extracts, something already common in La Mer products, this treatment comes to be a complement to multiply the effects moisturizing and repairing of the legendary creme de La Mer, which you already gave good account in our pages.

Fluid texture, is a kind of gel that is absorbed to the skin quickly, almost as if it were a serum.

Among its nutrients can find sea minerals, iron, manganese and copper, and vitamins C, B5 and B12 help to repair the skin and make it more resistant to potential attacks.

So far all very nice, now the negative side, and 125 ml container will be above the 100 euros and until October will be marketed in Spain.