Drainage Isabella Fiorentino has the habit to use natural products and techniques to maintain the beauty of the skin. She is known for being the presenter of the program “Squadron of fashion”, the SBT and told recently that only uses cosmetics that they don’t test on animals.


Tips how to Make Drainage

Fiorentino Isabella

Host commented: “I like everything just as natural as possible, less chemistry, because the skin is the largest organ we have. Body cream to the face, I prefer the natural, paraben-free. I’m now using a range of products from Tata Harper, the smells are just herbs, plants “. “Use the Cream Natural Plastic. I do the movements that teaches. I think the massage to the face is very important. You forget and just do massage on the body, “explains.


Host revealed that makes a face massage to stimulate circulation. “Do I type a drain on one side, then the other. I never do on both sides, because if the skin starts to unravel, “he says. The automassagem takes effect is fast, because the skin reacts to stimuli, and the facial expression is serene and relaxed and can be done as many times as you want.

Below drain tips by Isabella Fiorentino:

Massage movements should not be the same for all if the skin is young and delicate, soft slips should be made. In mature skin and tough, with more pressure. Using your palms, the nodes and the extension of the fingers.

Before start:

Fasten the hair with a band or strap, leaving the face free.

To stimulate blood circulation use a natural bristle sponge and liquid soap …

Do a cleaning of the face, neck and ears always using a circular motion from the inside out.

After cleaning rinse and dry the face.

Spread if you want, on the skin a little oil or cream.

In implementing the massage is important to feel warm and slightly reddish region.

Nose Massage:

Index and middle fingers with both hands. Rub both sides of the nose up and down until the eyebrows do ten times. In the look up the muscles in this region.

Mouth Massage:

Use the same fingers of his right hand. Rub firmly the upper lip by ten times. Do the same on the lower lip, above the Chin. With your fingers, press clamp-shaped region of the upper lip near the nose. Release and repeat the movement. With both hands, rub the sides of the mouth up and down do ten times.

Massage the Chin restraint: with the Palm of the right hand, rub the Chin make ten times. With both hands, hold all the bone structure of the jaw by pressing the whole contour of the face, until the ears.

Massage for the face: close both hands and knuckles massage with circular motion on both sides of the face, pressing. Start at the Chin, going up to the ears, and then go up to the cheekbones.  Pinch the cheeks until the reddening skin.

Massage for eyebrows: the index and middle finger of either hand.  Rub the area between the eyebrows, temples to the root of the hair, going back and forth ten times.

Forehead Massage: With both hands, index and middle fingers, circular movements from the center of the forehead, massage in the horizontal direction, going to the root of the hair. Place your palms on your eyebrows, pressing and lifting the forehead in vertical direction ten times.

Massage for the neck: close your hands, and with the knuckles of his right hand press down below her Chin as if he were “digging” to reach the ears. Repeat the same movement to the left side. With the right hand, hit the left jaw, and with his right hand hit the other side make ten times. With the backs of the fingers tap below the Chin make ten times. With three fingers of both hands, massage the neck in a circular motion, up and down.

Ears massage: Rub the entire ear with your palms. Press the ear with force from the top until you reach the lobe. Excellent to stimulate the entire body. Each organ or body part has a corresponding area on the ear.

Massage to the head: close your hands in the shape of a fist. On the side of the fingertip, tap all over the head, starting from the source to the nape. With your fingers on both hands parted, massage your scalp towards the back of the head. Throw your head back, stretch your neck and press the back of your neck. Therapeutic effects: headache and migraines, blood supply of the head and the wires of the scalp.

Eye Massage: pull and lift the skin of the entire length of the upper eyelid. Repeat the same with the lower eyelid (dilutes the excess fluid).

To strengthen the vision: With the palms of both hands, Squeeze gently and briefly the eyeballs. Look up and down five times. Look to the left and right repeat five times. Finish turning the eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise five times.