Today we are celebrating in the family-Jezebel and it is not for less. February online audience data have been published where Jezebel appears as leader in the ranking of websites in fashion and beauty in Spain with 720,000 unique users. Below (following us closely) have major historic tour paper brands: Vogue and ELLE. And a little beyond, others who are born more recently, but have large publishing groups behind: S fashion, YoDona… I clarified more.

For those who do not know much about measuring (and for those who know too, of course), we leave you with some points of data which I commented: the company responsible for the official measurement of audience online, and which we measured, ComScore. It is what the industry (advertisers, agencies and media) has agreed to having the most reliable and trustworthy measurement system. ComScore Jezebel Sites tool appears as a brand. Fashion, beauty and masculine tendencies they are the three channels that we cover under the name Jezebel Sites: Jezebel fashion, Jezebel beauty and Jezebel man. Thus the data of our unique users during the month of February is of 720.000. Meanwhile, Vogue has 672,000, ELLE: 579000 and S fashion 548.000 unique users. Oh, and Compradiccion, another of our websites, for the addicted to shopping, is a significant post. Take a look at the graph:

On the other hand, we also congratulate our fellow of Jezebel fashion listed as one of the best sites digital natives of the fashion world stood at position 25 according to the prestigious Signature9 the only way of Spain and in Spanish! Hobnobbing with the big sites of world fashion.

Therefore, we want to say thank you. Be here every day and follow us closely… And because those data mean that you are having fun in our family Jezebel and that the culture of fashion and beauty win followers. We will continue working hard to go to more.

Thanks for being there!