The fight against one of the evils that most torment the men, the hair loss, has now gained new allies in this line of products launched by Kérastase Homme, promising to combat the hair loss caused by the deterioration of testosterone and thinning hair resulting from decreased microcirculation caused by aggressions to the scalp, such as use of helmets and caps, pollution or stress.

Kérastase Homme Launches Products to Combat the Fall in the Capillary

Capital Force Roll-On Anti-fall

The second released by the brand, the Capital Force Roll-On brings visible results in 6 weeks! The product stimulates the mass, the capillary acting on the root and fortifying the fiber, through its composition blending the amino acid taurine, vitamin d-biotine, ceramide and arginine, a component amino acid of the keratin, which increases the material in the capillary. This is the first roll-on to massageamento of the scalp, stimulating microcirculation and decreasing the loss of testosterone capillary.

Force Vita-Energising Shampoo

The Line Capital Force Vita-Energising Shampoo has action energizing thanks to the combination of SP94, ginseng and menthol, using the taurine and biotin D to the increase of the material in the capillary. The complete line consists of shampoo antioleosidade, tonic antioleosidade, shampoo anti-dandruff tonic, antidandruff, shampoo densificador and tonic densificador.

Capital Force Styling

The line of styling hair has an exclusive technology that is derived from taurine, combining also biotin and specific assets to stimulate and protect the material in the capillary in two versions adapted to different needs and styles:

Gel molder of high clamping – suitable for hair, normal to thick, it preserves the mass of hair, leaves no residue or effect the sticky, it has a high fixation, looks natural, and leaves hair treated and with a soft touch. Suggested price: R$ 72,00;

Folder modeling densificadora – Indicated for thin hair or thinning, it is ideal for those who want to texture the hair, preserving the mass of the hair, without leaving residue or aspect that is sticky, natural effect and greater malleability. The suggested price of R$ 67,20

More information by the site of kerastase products or by the SAC 0800 701 7237