Wednesday premieres at the theatre Harlequin of Madrid the musical “A who cares” of Jorge Berlanga, the brother of Carlos Berlanga who along with Alaska and Nacho Canut be as emblematic groups of the Movida Madrileña as Kaka Deluxe, Alaska y Los Pegamoides o Alaska y Dinarama. And thanks to L’ Oréal We had the opportunity to see this musical premiere and above all… back to the eighties for a night.

The little Harlequin theatre was full of anonymous and very real characters: from Paco Clavel, passing by Sara Montiel, the great actress Antonia Sanjuan or the musician Carlos Jean, Although no trace of Alaska or her husband Mario Vaquerizo.

The theatre was decorated as in 1980s: neon lights, colors fluorine, big wigs. The waiters had to blast his way with the canapés and drinks among so many people and, just at the entrance to the musical was the team of L’ Oréal (responsible for the hairstyle of the actors in the musical) and hairdressers Madrigal with a bold proposal: style your hair as in the best years of the Movida Madrileña.

How? Therefore very simple: making carded impossible, crests and above all, much color (roses, red, green or blue) to your hair. Of course we dared (one night is a night) to test the services of hairdressing Madrigal for “ochentizarnos”.

And once we had our ready hairstyle, we went to see the musical whose costume is responsible for Francis Montesinos. The story focuses on Óscar, a boy who wakes up in the hospital without knowing how has come there and explore your memories looking for a response. The songs “Bailando”, “King of Glam”, “The murderous official”, “A real man” o “A who cares” they occur along this story.

I have to admit that I love the eighties, though I have not lived them by age, I have always loved the movies, music and eighties aesthetics, despite this and I love the music of Alaska, Nacho Canut and Carlos Berlanga, the musical was not to my liking (to taste, tecnicolores) and it seems that it was not of Pitita Ridruejo it stood at the time when the dancers took to the corridors and wet to the audience with water.

And once the musical returned to travel back in time to the present day, with respect to the hairstyle, I do not see with so much volume in my day to day, but they loved the Wicks of colors, in fact when I got home I decided to remove me carding (I have very fine hair and not having it done the next day not had been able to leave home by tangles) and something that I loved was the touch of the Wicks Roses (in fact, I’m thinking let me permanent) since I had seen him pictured but I had not dared to try. So thank you, L’ Oréal for giving me this great idea.