“In the land of flat iron who’s bunch is Queen.” This phrase can be very inspiring for those who use and abuse of chemicals in your hair, especially such chemical relaxers.Hair chemistry encompasses relaxations, permanent, sealing, progressive or definitive brushes. All this harms and the wires. But if you want to take your curls and put a stop to that it’s time to begin to transition your hair.

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What it takes to get the hair transition?

First of all you need to know that you’re going to need a good dose of patience.Give up the chemistry while the hairs are still smooth and easy. The hard part is when the hair starts to get with different textures and the larger work begins.However, you need to think about how their curls are beautiful again and full of style.

Another very important point is that you accept as is. Because this whole straightening started because you thought your visual could improve and was unsatisfied with the curls. So, if you still think that way, the capillary transition can be much more complicated. For this you may need to have the help of a professional such as a psychologist.


However, the big problem that led you to make the chemical process may have been a lack of information. Many times you ask your hairdresser good products for curly products, but he doesn’t know exactly what to display and which nutrients are essential for this type of hair is often said as rebels.

Capillary transition step-by-step

Want to have their curls back? Well, the straight hair may have been fashion a few years ago, but fashion changed. Even better is feel good about and with their hair naturally beautiful. Taking care of curls with the right products you’ll love the brand-new sections.

No more flat iron

Nothing want the curls back and keep using flat iron, babyliss hair dryer and every day. Even these lighter procedures can damage your hair and do not want to see our growing hair damaged. By analyzing your hair go: where is more oily, it’s dry, split ends or broken wires.


Your curls will return to the way they were, or at least very similar. What you need to do is moisturize your hair in the middle of that process with ideal products for your situation. Want to see your natural hair again. Take a deep breath and be patient because it grows 1.5 cm per month!

Cut Chemist or big chop

Pass the scissors is necessary, but take it easy. You can choose to cut their hair short and soon remove all the flat after he had grown a little bit. However, it is also possible to go cutting bit by bit to go taking the different texture in which displeases both.

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Have hair hydrates

In this period of transition, capillary hydrate the wires and follow a capillary schedule is essential. Wash my hair 3 times a week and moisturize them with the following objectives: nutrition, hydration and reconstruction. Hydration should be done more often than nutrition that should be made more than rebuilding.

After the hair transition

Ready! Your curls have grown, but the work is not over. In fact, never ends! The care of the highlights shall be forever after all we all want to have beautiful hair. A cut is in layers and if you want to give an extra volume can put even more layers. Keep the home treatments like vegetable oils and other natural products.

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