Lipstick with gligtter for those who like very bright and lipsticks with different colors and textures. This mania just turned fever in instagram out directly from the fashion runways. The makeup of mouth brings back the glitter recalling the brightness of years 70.


Trend glitter lipstick

A touch of glamour makeup with much brightness and colors perfect for the summer, but it is important to know that should not be used at all times. He is perfect for nighttime events giving a sensual effect and helping to add volume to lips. The new is wager in addition to the colors, for example, black with gold or wine with gitter bronze. But the traditional way of using lipstick with glitter is to choose the same color in this way is more discreet, creating a shimmering layer.

Trend of glitter on your lips is versatile and appears in different versions pleasing to all styles. It can be used only in a part of the mouth or small areas and the greater the amount of glitter used on the lips, the greater the impact.


There is the launch of mouth, aka lip kit lust 004, which unites gloss transparent, four glitter options, six lipstick shades from nude to red blood and a paet bag rose to makeup mouth.


But the most important thing is to have balance in time to make with soft eyes, shadows and eyeliners good discreet and skin with simplest finish.