Tear glitter the novelty that recently arrived social networks and has drawn attention by the brilliance and creativity.  Every day appear new exotic and different makeup this is the case of this colorful and very bright makeup that has made success among the women.


New tear

Glitter makeup

When it comes to makeup the universe of possibilities becomes infinite and everything will depend on the creativity and ability to turn the products to make into something new and different. The tears of glitter has drawn attention on social networks with the name of glitter tears and promises to draw attention to the make-up whatever production.

New in makeup happened when wendy rowe used it in a fashion event to pay tribute to david bowie. Many celebrities have already joined the new makeup among them the stars elle fanning and suki waterhouse and instagram, many netizens have already shown their productions that trickle down his cheek.


Unmatched brightness and only the glitter has been trend in various types of makeup or hairstyles leaves hair light and now this accessory used in makeup became a visual more than special and different. To make the tears of glitter just use creativity and use the proper amount of the product depending on the result you want to obtain, may be some bright spots and more discrete or if you want points of light bigger imitating large drops of tears and the result is amazing.


To make the tears of glitter is just makeup as usual with a more dramatice and highlight to the bottom of the eyes using glitter on favorite color and shimmering pencil or even metallic shade. But it is important to be careful at the time of application for the sparkles do not fall within the eyes and face.