Trend for winter 2014 is makes lighter, enhancing the beauty of a natural side. With light tones, clear and calm, showing a well cared for, but without the face be marked. Unlike last year, when the bet was strong, vibrant colors and bold.

– makeup trend tips for winter


Bet on a more natural skin, with products like the bb, cc, dd creams. For the day to day, the best choice is the bb cream (blemish balm cream), he evens the skin, bringing a natural appearance that the trend this year, and takes care of the skin because it moisturizes, protects, predates the makeup preparing and protecting skin from the sun with spf (sun protection factor). The cc cream (color control cream) presents the same benefits, but it is more effective to lighten the skin and is anti-age. Dd cream (daily defense cream) encompasses all functions of the other two and the self-tanner.


Lips come stained this winter, with lighter colors for the day and more classics for the night. Mouths with pink tones and light without precision and outline, as if it were passed with the fingers, giving a more relaxed appearance. To night colors like red and wine are welcome, giving a more classic


The blush refers to a quick tan, a color that we took lightly in the face. Bringing a more natural and healthy. A tip is to give some beats or beliscadinhas on cheekbones and see how was this is the color to use.


Light colors, metallic and peroladas, well smoked or just the illuminator in the inside corner is a good thing for the station. Without exaggerating in mascara, bringing focus to the shadow, by enough. Remembering that makes come pretty natural this year.