Already approaching the trick or treat night. If you won’t dress up because you don’t know what makeup do, have no excuse: in sweeping we show you some models easy to do without spending much money. If you have a shadow in cream, see what mask for Halloween most original you can do.

When I discovered the technique that this makeup artist used to perform those moles on her forehead and cheeks, I gasped: applied cream eye shadow up bubble paper. This is how you could apply it on your face in purple and Fuchsia cheeks.

The idea is great! You can trim the role of bubbles so you will be easy to apply it and Press evenly onto the skin. To finish the mask and give the desired shape on the bridge of the nose and cheek, near the ear, you only need an applicator brush of hair, the planes, and ready.

The Eye makeup with Profiler and volumized black gives a more mysterious air still and enlarge the eyes. You must apply the glitter without waiting too long because it will only stick if makeup base and cream shadow are still somewhat damp. On the lips, I recommend a Fuchsia gloss not be more intense than the cheeks. Spectacular!