You can not deny that the idea of consuming beauty in capsules is very tempting. Each day more widespread, the nutricosmetics promise for example, a younger skin, hair more shiny, strong nails and slim body. The logic is that these pills are a complement to the appropriate indexes of nutrients that the body needs, and that, on account of the current lifestyle, the us has not given account of supply only with the power supply. In addition, the nutricosmetics also were going to be giving that strength to the effort in the gym will in fact be reflected in the visual.

Nutricosmetics How to Make the Correct Use of the Pills of Beauty

Tips for the consumption of nutricosmetics

The important thing is to really understand this complementary function of the nutricosmetics. No good, for example, swallowing a pill grease and wait at home for the silhouette tune alone. The capsule will speed up the metabolism, but, to reduce the weight on the scale, it is necessary to associate the “remedinho”to a healthy diet and to practice exercises.

For you to understand more on the subject before you start the consumption, the nutritionist Luisa Wolpe Simas, co-ordinator of the CIA – Centre and the International Institute for Enhancement and Scientific Research, sheds light on four important points. Check it out below.

1.Do they really work?

Yes. The nutricosmetics are capsules that have in their composition vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and other components that act over the hair, nails and skin, leaving them more healthy. They treat from the inside to the outside, helping in the process of nutrition of our cells and replenish nutrients in our body.

2. What care in time to opt for a?

It is important to seek help from a trained professional, because only he can recommend a product targeted to your specific problem. Many times people consume a product that is not indicated for the cosmetic changes that she wants to treat or even want to address something about which they are unaware of the causes of the emergence. In addition to that, the pills are prescribed according to the weight of each person.

3. The effect only lasts for the duration of the consumption?

Yes. The benefits of nutricosmetics only appear and are maintained while using the product. Therefore, it is important to consume continuously, but always with the supervision of your nutritionist. The results also do not appear from day to night: usually are a few months until they arise. Including, in most situations, the result comes only if associated with other habits, like healthy eating and physical activity.

4. For what types of usage the nutricosmetics are more suitable?

The nutricosmetics act as supporting players in several types of aesthetic treatments: are used to strengthen nails and hair and to decrease the cellulite, sagging and ageing skin; for the prevention and treatment of acne; and act in the healing and skin oils. There are even those that improve the bowel function, strengthen muscle function, modulate the metabolism, among other benefits.

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