Today the Colorama is the brazilian brands of glazes more highly regarded, and is already on the market for 60 years. The Colorama has an extensive choice of colours and nuances, creating the possibility of creating effects daring with your technology. In addition, it offers a treatment for nails, as the preparation line and Nuriverniz line Nutribase, which treats and color your nails in the same application. Today sales leaders glazes are the pink bubble gum, Pink Glamour and Absinthe, so I can have that success the Colorama search inspiration on fashion trends, always innovating and surprising consumers. Today you can find glazes of the mark in all Brazil, without halls and sales points, in addition to the Americas and Europe.

What are glazes Peppermint

Colorama Collection

The latest collection of Colorama is Menace, which has six beautiful colors and two special effects, and that is sure to be hit this fall/winter. The stippling effect and with colors nutriverniz are for all tastes, and came to dare in visual. The colors are as follows: Burning

What is a cherry red a little neon. Whisper: it is a dark purple very bright. Provocative: burnt red. Flirt: red wine. Hint: light yellow with black glítter. Spicy: coral red with black glítter. Snapper: light pink with black glítter. Chill: Orange pulled the coral with black glítter.

The colors are beautiful and the effects of paint makes even a hint of pepper.



Glazes Nutriverniz has a suggested retail price of 3.99 R$.

Glazes of special effects (dotted) of 6.99 R$.


Where to buy

Glazes are already on sale in all Brazil, can be found in various points of sales and exhibitions, in addition to stores between the Americas and Europe.