Braid corset braids some may call her ribbon braid that can be made into ties like we wear shoes or corset. The braid is one of the choicest hairstyles for women, and there is no shortage of ideas to renovate it and leave them full of style. This new model this becoming a fever on instagram, and promises to make success in the spring/summer.


Braid corset corset style braids

Since emerged on the catwalks, didn’t take long time to be part of the favorite of fashionistas and hairstyles are the hairstyles for the new summer season. The corset braids are a hairstyle, appearance can be discreet if nothing made with wide ribbons and very colorful, but can also look well made child with pigtails and ribbons thin and discreet for example, black in color. This trend began in american schools where girls love to create new hairstyles and soon turned into a fever and the designers took the trend to the catwalks.


Models made with strings and thin strands are a more modern version. Bringing the idea of braided corset braids, but in super different hairstyles like the coke with braid in the back of the head, or to adorn a unicorn braid looks really cute.

Below we share some photos of the corset braids braids.



1958 best Vidal Sassoon images on Pinterest

1958 best Vidal Sassoon images on Pinterest