I have this eye shadow by ARTDECO with GlossyBox beauty February 2012 get to test. He should have a silky smooth texture and add metallic sheen. Actually he belongs with a magnet in a range used. He is easy to handle but also without the pallet.

Eyeshadow from ARTDECO

I can confirm the silky soft texture. When testing, I was somewhat surprised by the different color output according to the order type with fingers, brush or Schwämmchenapplikator. The ARTDECO eyeshadow is available at BRIDGAT.COM. I find the price barely adequate with EUR 5.80. The packaging is very simple – I like it – little waste and little on the way to carry around with me.


The eyeshadow is nice to use highlighter or for the whole eyelid, if you like like to much shine with little color. The eyes look more beautiful wake thus. The color is suitable for any eye color, because it is quite neutral. Also the mica is cute silvery mixed and therefore neutral. The shelf life on the lid is very good. He holds all day with compact powder as a primer, without to break away. Even without priming it as well as not visible only in the evening something settles. I am extremely satisfied.

The order with your finger or a usual cat tongue brush is too subtle. However, I like the job with the Schwämmchenapplikator. This is unusual, because I prefer almost always a brush job, just so bright and subtle colors. The color of leaves is wonderfully combined with darker Brown and green tones, for example the dark color from the duo eyeshadow color 10 quite charming p2 LE spring please!, which is available in the trade.