The swab was created in 1922 and you start thinking about how people lived without it before. Today, the swab is an item right in the supermarket shopping list. Initially, it was created to clean up the wax that accumulates in the ears and other nasties, but since your creation until today, the cotton swab became the protagonist of several other important functions.

Swab for makeup


Who usually follow the bloggers of makeup and watch the tutorials on Youtube, surely you’ve seen that they indicate the swab to be used at various times of make making it easier and more practical. For example, when we put the shadow and she leaves a little more to the sides and down. Wet the q-tip in makeup remover is the best way to fix the error very precisely.

  • Tip: See how to pass eyeliner the right way.

He is also a great time to spend the lipstick. You can use the swab to pass the translucent powder or the base around the mouth to let her format with the perfect lipstick. This tip is worth, especially for the stronger colors like red and purple. It is also great to give that blur effect in the corner of the eyelids that women love.



Yes, the swab is not just to clean your ears. There are several other items that can be processed with a whimsical cleaning only using the cotton swab. A great use is time to clean your computer keyboard. With flexible rods it is possible to reach those corners that accumulate more dust.

The swabs are also great options to clean pieces of various objects such as hair dryer /blower. Just take the plastic part that covers the product and start clean with cotton swab those spaces that the cloth will not. It will also increase the life of your machine.


Skin care

Many even of dyes for hair comes with a product to clean up that ink that is out of place well in our tests, near the root of the hair. Use the cotton swab to clean this area with the appropriate product leaves a perfect finish and you can clean up those hard-to-reach corners.

To pass local small products on the skin as in pimples, dark circles and wrinkles, the q-tip is just perfect. Another good use is during the waxing when you get those little drizzle and you don’t want to spend a whole plastic to put wax in that place. The swab is also great in these moments.


As you can see you can use a little creativity and make a perfect pair swab for various times of the day, there are some types of cotton swab which have flattened end, for makeup and other minor fixes. You can use it anywhere you find necessary.