Murad sells a lip gloss and balm with pomegranate and FPS, one of the few products for lips that takes into account the sunscreen. In principle, and as advertising, serves to revitalize and protect dehydrated and dry lips and improve its texture thanks to the antioxidants the grenade, which fight free radicals. It also contains salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates, cocoa butter and oil jojoba, these last great moisturizing power. In addition to all this, gives you a soft colorcito tone cherry lips, and leaves them bright without exaggeration.

After testing it for a few weeks I have to say that it is a very nutritious Balsam, It helps to heal the small heriditas which sometimes have the lips for dryness (when open) and softens the labial surface and also the outline, with what help that the entire area is protected. Also know that if you take the Sun you are protected in that area with an SPF of 15, one of the more “left” as for sunscreen, which has put on guard to dermatologists by the increase in cancers of the skin in that area.

If you like lip products that have leaves this leads him, a fruity aroma, and besides has an ideal size to take in small bags and keep it handy at any time. I recommend it to use daily (and several times, reapplying). Bad thing? It is a bit expensive and sold only in stores Sephora.


¿Proteges tus labios contra el sol?

¿Proteges tus labios contra el sol?