Eudora is a trademark of beauty that belongs to the apothecary who was released in the year 2011. The brand has 14 stores and also offers products in the direct sales system (door to door). The Eudora has perfumery, make-up, body and bath, facial treatment, fittings, lines aimed at the male universe and recently released your first line of products geared toward hair treatment. The Siage line was created in partnership with the renowned hairdresser Marcos Proenca, and brings family treatment for various situations. Let’s learn a little more about this new feature of Eudora.

Siage Line of Eudora Products

Has 36 line products created and designed to revolutionize the way hair daily treatments, products capable of providing Ballroom result without leaving home and with affordable price. The line of treatment has a full set of products that care, recover, revitalise and leave your hair more beautiful and silky, thanks to Affinité3D technology, which is present in the whole line, which consists of shampoos, conditioners, masks, creams for styling and complementary. Let’s meet the daily treatment lines Eudora.

Rebuild threads is a line, as the name says, that takes care of the hair, it is the damage recovery of up to one year in just two weeks of use. The products have as main ingredients argan oil and keratin, only the anti-resíduos shampoo does not contain oil.

Everyday line is composed by shampoo, shampoo, conditioner and anti-residuos cream.

Treatment line consists of high hydration mask, leave-in termoprotetor, bulb and


Enhances color: is a line designed for women with dyed hair, the need for special treatment, to treat without damaging, wash out and dry out the wires. The line is composed by desamarelador shampoo, shampoo, conditioning, cream, mask and hydration and ampules of treatment. All products have your formula with sunflower oil and UV filter.

Defines Curls: is a line for women with curly hair and have problem in defining them. The products contains provitamin B5 which reduces frizz and leave the curls more defined five times. Are four products: shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and cream that controls the volume and let the curls defined for up to 24 hours, with a single application.

Prolongs the Smooth: is a line directed to hairs that have undergone chemical treatments like relaxers and progressive, the line has a technology with creatine, and has the function of extending the effect and protect the wires without external damage. The line is composed by shampoo, conditioner, cream and treatment mask.

Controls oiliness: are three products that have the power to reduce the greasiness of the wires, the line is composed by shampoo, conditioner and defogging.


Styling line is a line of finalizers each group directed to a kind of

. Styling: is a line of finalizers, each with your finish. The line is composed by volume spray, extreme fixation spray, hair Modeler and the powder volume, which is a powder that gives body and texture to the hair. Styling: is a line with three high fixation spray products that resist moisture, fluid into brush that helps to have a longer-lasting brush aside to protect the wires and the super glossy serum that gives shine and controls frizz. Styling: composed of two products a light spray which gives a natural finish to the hair and the texturizer spray that creates waves leaving the natural hair and stocky. Styling: also consisting of two fluid Clearance products and brightness and Volume Lotion, with this line you can have brighter and loose hair with a soft touch.

Where to buy

Is possible to acquire not only the new line for Eudora, like the other products of the brand, the online store that delivers for all Brazil, click here and get access to the site. You can buy through a dealer, if you don’t know any, on the site of Eudora is unable to find the reseller nearest to you, click here to find your. Or also in physical stores of Eudora, you can find shops in large shopping centers of large cities.