Tested: Perfume Antonio Banderas Diavolo for Men

Perfumes Antonio Banderas great success with the male audience, perhaps because of its good cost-benefit, since most of them offer a fragrance with a certain elegance and affordable prices, even to the bottles of 100 ml.

Tested Perfume Antonio Banderas Diavolo for Men 2

It is interesting to know that a lot of people compare the Diavolo with the Fahrenheit from Dior, although the two are separated by a few hundreds of dollars. I could not find all of this so much as thrown wide open, but I admit that there is a closeness that seemed to me to be much more discreet than if touts there.

The perfume Antonio Banderas Diavolo For Men

The output of this scent can scare, because it comes strong and with a touch artificial in the midst of notes of bergamot, mandarin and green leaves, but it does not take much time for the heart notes – patchouli, geranium and pepper – if you do notice, what for me was a relief, because the “top” did not please me the same.

Tested Perfume Antonio Banderas Diavolo for Men 1

It is in the bottom notes – leather, sandalwood and almiscar – that the Diavolobegins to set up in a fragrance-manly, and pleasant, though lacking something that left him more striking, perhaps a more exotic as a signature in the middle of the other 3 relatively common.

The perfume has good projection and on my skin it lasted something around a 10 hours. Not bad for a perfume in the price range in which it is found.

Tested Perfume Antonio Banderas Diavolo for Men 3

The negative point is the bottle looks cheap and the design nothing attractive, that, to me, makes the perfume seem like a product much lower than it is in reality.

I would say that for some it may be a good option for the day-to-day, but it is not the type of scent that can become your signature, not only for reminding slightly the Fahrenheit, as for missing something more striking in the bottom notes.