Whenever I see photos of Vanessa Traina I think that you should not like much makeup, and is sometimes not carrying or mask eyelashes (if the mascara makes miracles!).

It is both your hair and your face seem fresh out of the shower and when committed by any collected is not usually too elaborate or sophisticated, although everything is meticulously studied.

Certainly that must be girl it with the most natural look, but natural truth, making her look all Hallmark since the advertising campaigns that made not transform it but they want to wear it as natural, although the hairdresser and makeup session not nobody removed it.

For which you want get this look I am going to give some guidelines, we say that we are going to make products and not to the absence of them, because since then the final result will be much more satisfactory.

The first thing we must know is our skin needs, spots, redness, acne marks, etc. If we reject the makeup to achieve a natural look all we get is to wear our imperfections and is not that. As well the basis of make-up will be our great ally, with it we will achieve the perfect canvas.

Vanessa when eye make up is very blurred by the upper eyelid as inferior, both in black, eggplant, or brown tones that contribute to that effect has something morticio.

We just need a shadow or a khol of these colors, apply it by the eyelid thus without leaving it perfect and then blur it but not upward but only in the eyelid and at the bottom, below the eyelashes.

For none of curling lashes unless we have them down. If this is your case, the mascara does not have to be black but you can opt for a Brown, that already as you prefer, but what Yes has to be naturally, i.e. that No two layers, a to define vale.

In the lips no color or brightness, as much ringtones We will apply to Pat with your fingers, so will not be as uniform and therefore much more natural.

The cheekbones are drawn, in the case of Vanessa Traina It has fairly marked cheeks but sometimes applies blusher under these to be defined even more.

Loose hair or collected but never with too much artifice, the collected normally low and if you prefer long hair can leave dry hair naturally to get natural waves or straighten a little with the iron.

And is that you as you have been able to appreciate even have an effect of “no makeup” requires its technique and its time.