Which Can Be White Spot on the Nail

The white spot in the nail, also known by leuconíquia, is not considered a disease, and usually has no associated symptoms, being only a signal that indicates a change in the structure of the nail, which is only of concern if they appear too frequently.

The leuconíquia can affect the nails of the feet and hands, and can happen due to a lack of vitamin B12 or minerals such as calcium and zinc, for example, or due to minor injuries caused in domestic tasks or in the manicure. This problem can be prevented and treated by maintaining a good diet and hydration of the nail.

What are the causes

Can be several causes that lead to the change of the matrix of the nail, which is the location where it is formed, thereby leading to the appearance of white patches:

  • Allergy to certain substances, such as enamel or cleaning products, for example;
  • Lack of calcium, iron, zinc, silicon, folic acid or vitamin B12, due to a poor diet;

Which Can Be White Spot on the Nail 1

  • The occurrence of small trauma in the nail, how to hold the finger in any place, or suffer some damage to the manicure;
  • Antibiotics of the class of sulfonamides, such as bactrim, for example;
  • Treatments such as chemotherapy;
  • Hormonal variations in women;
  • Diseases such as anemia, psoriasis, vitíligo, tuberculosis, kidney disease, or ringworm.

In addition to these factors, the white spots on the nails may also be a genetic problem, affecting a large area of the nail, called leuconíquia total.

How to treat white spot on the nail

In general, the white patches on the nail disappear spontaneously, it is not necessary any treatment, however, there are some methods that help you get the white spots in the nail or to prevent its onset.

Thus, in the case of women who paint their nails, should withdraw as well the enamel before repainting the nails and re-hydrating them well. In addition, it must be used protective gloves when using products that may cause allergies, such as those that are used in domestic chores, for example.

It is also very important to make a good power supply so as to prevent the lack of minerals that are important for the maintenance of healthy nails as calcium, found in foods such as milk and fruits, the iron, present in red meat and strawberries, the zinc present in almonds and peru, the vitamin B12 found in salmon and shellfish, and the folic acid present in lentils and spinach, for example.

At home treatment

Which Can Be White Spot on the Nail 2

A good way to alleviate the white spots on the nails, in addition to the become the strongest and most beautiful, is to apply a mixture of oils, which is prepared in the following way:


  • 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil;
  • 1 teaspoon of seed oil apricot;
  • 1 teaspoon of almond oil;
  • 1 capsule of 400 IU of oil of vitamin E.


Mix the oils in a jar, shake well and then massage into the nails and cuticles several drops of the mixture, preferably in the morning and at night.

Which Can Be White Spot on the Nail 3